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M2 Banner Post Header

The Expand M2 is FineLine’s go-to retractable banner stand.
It embodies convenience, quality, and beautiful design.

The M2 is made of sturdy materials and features trusted Swedish quality and design that is elegant in any environment. The stand features a telescopic pole, allowing the user to adjust the height of the banner up to 225 cm (88.5 inches)!

M2 Pole and Property Close Up

The most popular design feature of the Expand M2 is the Unique Modular Tension System. The graphic has tension when it is fully raised; however, when the banner is retracted in the display, there is no tension on the graphic. This clever system enables the cartridge to be easily removed and replaced.

M2 Cartridge Detail

Imagine having multiple pre-printed graphics that vary in content as well as design. Then take your imagination a little further and envision being able to interchange those graphics in just a couple of minutes with absolutely no tools or heavy lifting. Have it in your mind yet? YES! You are thinking of the M2 and its ultimate function!

M2 Property with Bag and Cartridges

Traditional retractable banner stands cannot have their graphics changed without being sent off to a vendor for replacement. The M2’s ability to have graphics interchanged quickly, easily, and by your own hand is the main reason why this is FineLine’s go-to retractable banner.

An example of the M2s convenience can easily be seen in a tradeshow environment. A company’s booth is limited to the amount of space allotted to them, thereby limiting the space for content. With our help, our clients have found that using these M2 banners has made their shows go smoother because they have less to carry around and store. With one M2 you can have multiple cartridges with different messaging and rotate them during the tradeshow. This same idea can work for breakout sessions and multiple topics. It can even work with internal marketing within a company to promote different events!

M2 Banners Black and Silver Bases


  1. The M2 is 85 cm (33.5 inches) wide and features an adjustable height that ranges from 160-225 cm (63-88.5 inches)
  2. Your graphics can be printed on vinyl, non-curl vinyl, or outdoor fabric
  3. The M2 is available in Black or Silver with chrome trim and will make your graphics looks stunning no matter what the environment.

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