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La Baguette

At the start of the new year we decided that our website was in need of an update. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets it became apparent that our site was not living up to its full capacity. When our site was viewed via desktop or laptop computer it worked perfectly, but the same could not be said when viewed on a smartphone or tablet. Text was woefully small and difficult to read and our projects were not displaying to their full potential.

We drew up a series of criteria that our new site must include.

  1. The site must be mobile friendly.
  2. Content would be shortened and readable.
  3. Our projects would be brought to the front of the site where they would be easily accessible.
  4. The site would be social media conscious.

These four criteria guided the design and creation of our new website. The end result can be viewed at Here’s a quick preview of some improvements we made.

Projects Page

When visiting our site, you will be greeted by our “Projects” page displaying a scrolling slide bar with inspirational quotations. Just below the slide bar you’re able to select projects by category. If you’d like to see samples of trade shows and events you simply select it from the list and multiple thumbnails of our trade shows and events will present themselves.

Project Post Pages

Once you select a specific project, you will be taken to the “Project Post” page where you will see your chosen project in its entirety. If you scroll to the bottom you can like it on Facebook, Tweet about it, or share it on LinkedIn. Additionally, you’re not required to navigate back to the Projects page. Each Project Post page offers similar projects that can be viewed. It’s easy to move forward or backwards through the category by using the supplied arrows.

Blog Page

Our blog will contain more detailed information about specific projects, musings about design, print and web related media, and much more.

Contact Page

The contact page features a map with our current location and a contact form for people to send us a quick message with ease.

We hope you enjoy the new look and design of the website!