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FLGD Holiday 2015 Header

This year, we wanted to do something a little different with our holiday card. We hoped to relive the joyous feeling we’ve all felt when making holiday crafts.

For some of us, being creative at the holidays with our family is an anticipated tradition. For others, it is something we haven’t yet experienced. So let’s put down our cell phones and tablets, and turn off the TV. Let’s play some holiday tunes and get in the holiday spirit! Block out the stress in your life and relax – bake some cookies, drink some hot chocolate, be a kid again, and get ready to have fun creating your own unique paper snowflakes!

We provided the instructions and some handy templates to test your skill, but it is up to you execute! All you need is a 4.75” square piece of paper and some scissors to get started. (You can use any size square paper but 4.75” is recommended.) Follow the step-by-step instructions below and be sure to share your creation on Facebook and Twitter!

FLGD Holiday 2015 Instructions 1 and 2

You’re doing great, you’re almost there!

These next two steps are tricky so we’re going to share some pointers. If you are using a 4.75” square piece of paper, you can take advantage of the measurement that we included in step three. We recommend marking 1.75” in from corner C and fold corner B to that mark. The corner will hang off of the bottom of the triangle. If you are using a different sized piece of paper, just be sure that after you fold corner C back over, the edges in step four are flush to one another. The next step is the best – have fun cutting away and releasing a beautiful design!

FLGD Holiday 2015 Instructions 3 and 4

FLGD Holiday 2015 Instructions 5 and 6

FLGD Holiday 2015 Instructions 7

Congratulations on creating your cool snowflake!

If your snowflake does not look exactly like the one above don’t worry. All snowflakes are unique and there are no two alike. As an additional treat, below is a PDF that you can download containing six additional designs that will put your skills to the test.

Download six new snowflake designs!

Good luck, and Happy Holidays
from FineLine Graphics and Design!